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HTML Latin Symbols

This entity reference includes all the latin symbols supported by HTML. You should note that entity names are case sensitive.

StandardCharacterEntity NumberEntity NameDescription
HTML 2.0ÀÀÀLatin capital letter A with grave
HTML 2.0ÁÁÁLatin capital letter A with acute
HTML 2.0ÂÂÂLatin capital letter A with circumflex
HTML 2.0ÃÃÃLatin capital letter A with tilde
HTML 2.0ÄÄÄLatin capital letter A with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ÅÅÅLatin capital letter A with ring above
HTML 2.0ÆÆÆLatin capital letter AE
HTML 2.0ÇÇÇLatin capital letter C with cedilla
HTML 2.0ÈÈÈLatin capital letter E with grave
HTML 2.0ÉÉÉLatin capital letter E with acute
HTML 2.0ÊÊÊLatin capital letter E with circumflex
HTML 2.0ËËËLatin capital letter E with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ÌÌÌLatin capital letter I with grave
HTML 2.0ÍÍÍLatin capital letter I with acute
HTML 2.0ÎÎÎLatin capital letter I with circumflex
HTML 2.0ÏÏÏLatin capital letter I with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ÐÐÐLatin capital letter ETH
HTML 2.0ÑÑÑLatin capital letter N with tilde
HTML 2.0ÒÒÒLatin capital letter O with grave
HTML 2.0ÓÓÓLatin capital letter O with acute
HTML 2.0ÔÔÔLatin capital letter O with circumflex
HTML 2.0ÕÕÕLatin capital letter O with tilde
HTML 2.0ÖÖÖLatin capital letter O with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ØØØLatin capital letter O with stroke
HTML 2.0ÙÙÙLatin capital letter U with grave
HTML 2.0ÚÚÚLatin capital letter U with acute
HTML 2.0ÛÛÛLatin capital letter U with circumflex
HTML 2.0ÜÜÜLatin capital letter U with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ÝÝÝLatin capital letter Y with acute
HTML 2.0ÞÞÞLatin capital letter THORN
HTML 2.0ßßßLatin small letter sharp s
HTML 2.0àààLatin small letter a with grave
HTML 2.0áááLatin small letter a with acute
HTML 2.0âââLatin small letter a with circumflex
HTML 2.0ãããLatin small letter a with tilde
HTML 2.0äääLatin small letter a with diaeresis
HTML 2.0åååLatin small letter a with ring above
HTML 2.0æææLatin small letter ae
HTML 2.0çççLatin small letter c with cedilla
HTML 2.0èèèLatin small letter e with grave
HTML 2.0éééLatin small letter e with acute
HTML 2.0êêêLatin small letter e with circumflex
HTML 2.0ëëëLatin small letter e with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ìììLatin small letter i with grave
HTML 2.0íííLatin small letter i with acute
HTML 2.0îîîLatin small letter i with circumflex
HTML 2.0ïïïLatin small letter i with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ðððLatin small letter eth
HTML 2.0ñññLatin small letter n with tilde
HTML 2.0òòòLatin small letter o with grave
HTML 2.0óóóLatin small letter o with acute
HTML 2.0ôôôLatin small letter o with circumflex
HTML 2.0õõõLatin small letter o with tilde
HTML 2.0öööLatin small letter o with diaeresis
HTML 2.0øøøLatin small letter o with stroke
HTML 2.0ùùùLatin small letter u with grave
HTML 2.0úúúLatin small letter u with acute
HTML 2.0ûûûLatin small letter u with circumflex
HTML 2.0üüüLatin small letter u with diaeresis
HTML 2.0ýýýLatin small letter y with acute
HTML 2.0þþþLatin small letter thorn
HTML 2.0ÿÿÿLatin small letter y with diaeresis
HTML 4.0ŒŒŒLatin capital ligature oe
HTML 4.0œœœLatin small ligature oe
HTML 4.0ŠŠŠLatin capital letter s with caron
HTML 4.0šššLatin small letter s with caron
HTML 4.0ŸŸŸLatin capital letter y with diaeresis
HTML 4.0ƒƒƒLatin small letter f with hook