Moon Phases

Adds a sidebar widget that display the current moon phase. The plugin can also display in which zodiac sign the moon is, how old the moon is and details like distance, ecliptic latitude and ecliptic longitude.

    In addition of English, the plugin comes with various translations:

  • Bulgarian
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Translations credits go to Alex Kortan for Polish, Asen Kovachev for Bulgarian, Fat Cower for Russian, Kristina R for Lithuanian, Milly Rondèl for Dutch, Patsy for German, Rami Yushuvaev for Hebrew, Tamas Koos for Hungarian and Zhares for Spanish.

Please refer to the WordPress Codex for more information about activating the translation.

If you want to help translating the plugin to your language, please contact me. If you already know how to translate wordpress plugins, have a look at the moon-phases.pot file which contains all the definitions. You may use a gettext editor like Poedit for that purpose.

Download the plugin here: Moon Phases (193.21 kB)


    To install the plug-in:

  • Unpack the *.zip file and extract the /moon-quotes/ folder and the files
  • Using an FTP program, upload the full /moon-quotes/ folder to your WordPress plugins directory (Example: /wp-content/plugins)
  • Go to Plugins > Installed and activate the plugin.
    To add the widget:

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets, add the widget to the sidebar of your choice and save.

    To use the shortcode:

  • Simply add [moon-phases] to your posts or your pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is the widget displaying the wrong moon sign?

  • First of all, the plugin display the moon sign, not the sun sign which is the one that astrology websites usually talk about. Calculations for the moon sign are done for the northern hemisphere in local time, so you may see differences with other websites as some of them display the moon sign calculated in universal time (GMT). For example, Joe’s Web Tools server is in Los Angeles and display the correct calculations for pacific standard time (GMT-8).

    Is the plugin compatible with versions of WordPress ealier to 2.8?

  • No. Because of the new widget implementation, you need to use WordPress 2.8 or later. If you are using an earlier version of WordPress, you can try using Moon Phases version 2.2.1 but, really, you should upgrade.

    How can I support this plugin?

  • If you enjoy this plugin and would like to help with the development, please consider donating. Otherwise, spread the word, report bugs and give this plugin a good rating.

    How do I report a bug?

  • If you find any bugs with the plugin or if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment to let me know.

Version history
The current version of the plugin is 3.1
The plugin requires WordPress to be at least version 2.5
The plugin has been tested with wordpress version up to 2.8.2


  • Compatibility check with WordPress 2.8.2
  • Integration of the Russian translation
  • Update of the Lithuanian translation

  • Compatibility check with WordPress 2.8.1
  • New [moon-phases] shortcode
  • New WordPress 2.8 widget structure

  • Compatibility check with WordPress 2.8

  • Fixed the distance to the earth that was displaying the moon age
  • Integration of Bulgarian translation
  • Integration of Hebrew translation
  • Integration of Polish translation
  • Internal changes to improve compatibility

  • Integration of German translation
  • Integration of Lithuanian translation
  • Integration of Spanish translation
  • The moon sign is now based on the vernal equinox

  • Integration of Dutch translation
  • Integration of French translation
  • Integration of Hungarian translation

  • Initial release
    To do

  • Add an option to display the moon seen from the south hemisphere
  • Add an option to display the date of the next new moon
  • Add an option to display the date of the next full moon
  • Add an option to display the number of degrees the moon is in the zodiac sign
  • Add an option to display the zodiac sign as text, as a picture or both
  • Add an option to display the picture of the moon in different sizes
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62 Comments to “Moon Phases”

  1. 1. Tamas Says:

    Hi Joe!
    Thanks for the e-mail… I have immediatelly installed the plugin. It was easy, and immediate. Great. I would like to translate it to Hungarian, how could I do that? And… would it be possible to show the dates of the next new nad full moon?
    Thanks and greetings

  2. 2. Joe Says:

    I just finished integrating localization in the plugin. I’ll contact you by email for the translation. That will be in the next release. I should be able to add the dates of the next new and full moon. That will be in the next release too.

    I’m looking for volunteers to translate the plugin. There’s only 30 strings to translate and you don’t have to fiddle with the code or anything. Please contact me if you are interested.

  3. 3. Milly Says:

    1st: I can translate into Dutch if needed.
    2nd: Which moon are you using? Your own widget says it’s in Scorpio, but May 11 is in Taurus.
    3rd: It looks good, though

  4. 4. Milly Says:

    Sorry Joe,
    have to withdraw my remark about Taurus. That’s the sun, not the moon. Scorpio is correct.

  5. 5. Joe Says:

    It’s really funny, I made exactly the same mistake when I was debugging the plugin.
    I’ll take on your offer for translation in Dutch. I’ll send you an email with everything.

  6. 6. Marcel Says:

    Thank you for this nice plugin!

  7. 7. Marcel Says:

    Is it possible to display the number of degrees the moon is in the zodiac sign too?

  8. 8. Marcel Says:

    Also nice would be zodiac signs instead of names (optionally one or the other or both). For example from I really wanted the number of degrees so I inserted at moon-phases.php:192 the following line:
    $zodiac = $zodiac . ‘ ‘ . round($longitude % 30) . ‘°’;

  9. 9. Joe Says:

    I’ll add a zodiac signs picture option and a display the number of degrees option to the to do list. Thanks for the feedback.

  10. 10. Andy Says:

    Is it possible to change the moon size?

  11. 11. Marcel Says:

    I am sorry to say that both the zodiac sign and number of degrees is incorrect (verified against Maybe the moon calculations on the following site are useful:

  12. 12. Joe Says:

    I’ll add a different moon size option to the to do list. Thanks for the feedback.

    The calculations for the zodiac sign and the number of degrees are correct. You may see some differences with as the widget calculate the zodiac sign and the number of degree for the local time while calculate the zodiac sign and the number of degree for universal time (GMT). For example, Joe’s Web Tools server is in Los Angeles and display the correct calculations for pacific standard time (GMT-8). I should add that to the FAQ.

  13. 13. Zhares Says:

    Hi, i can translate to Spanish.

  14. 14. Joe Says:

    I’ll take on your offer for translation in Spanish. I’ll send you an email with everything.

  15. 15. Marcel Says:

    Sorry, but the calculations are definitely incorrect. Yesterday, today and a part of tomorrow the moon is in pisces, but the plugin shows aquarius. This means that the problem cannot be a time zone difference. I hope you can pinpoint the problem and fix it.

  16. 16. patsy Says:

    Hello, sorry but my english is very bad. I like the Plugin, but i need this in german an i doesn´t know how i can make it. 😳 Pleas, can you help me?

  17. 17. Joe Says:

    I’m going to double check the calculations. I’ll let you know shortly.

    I’ll send you an email with everything you need to translate the plugin in German.

  18. 18. patsy Says:

    That´s very nice, thank you :-)

  19. 19. namaste Says:

    Hello, I can translate into Lithuanian

  20. 20. Joe Says:

    I’ll take on your offer for translation in Lithuanian. I’ll send you an email with everything.

  21. 21. Gloria Says:

    I would like to put this widget on my site, but I’m not familiar with WordPress. I use Expression Web for my development. Is it possible to add it to my site without WordPress? It’s looks great.

  22. 22. Joe Says:

    It’s possible to adapt the plugin to any website but that could be fairly complex as it’s specifically designed for wordpress. Most likely there will be some amount of programming involved.

  23. 23. namaste Says:

    Hello again,
    Same request as Gloria ask. It’s possible to get code to put “moon phases” plg to any web site?

  24. 24. Joe Says:

    I’m going to write a widget to allow people to put it on any website. Stay tuned…

  25. 25. Joe Says:

    Get version 2.1 to fix the sign discrepancy you noticed. Thanks a lot for reporting that. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was. The calculation was right but the sign displayed wasn’t based on the vernal equinox.

  26. 26. baron Says:

    Works great, thank you

  27. 27. patsy Says:

    Oh no! I have update this Plugin ´couse i have german wp, but now, my Dashboard is crashed und my blog to. 😯
    I deleted the Plugin, but the dahboard and the Blog ist not better. I don´t know what ist wrong?! He tell me wp_settings on Line 473 but ther ist nothing in it.

  28. 28. patsy Says:

    Okay, i have found the failure! If you make an update, he puts it in the Plugin-Folder AND make self a MACOSX Foulder and this crashed the Blog and the Dashboard. If you delete the MACOSX Foulder, than is all okay!.

  29. 29. Marcel Says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad you found the problem!
    The number of degrees is correct now too (given the accuracy of the calculations).

  30. 30. Joe Says:

    It look like the system on my mac adds a __MACOSX folder to the archive that is invisible to me. That __MACOSX folder sometimes conflict with WordPress. I checked all the plugins archives using a PC and removed the extra files. Thanks a lot for reporting that.

  31. 31. Alex Says:

    Hi Joe!
    Big THX for the Moon Phases.
    I translated this plugin to polish.
    Please contact me, so I could send you the .mo and .po files.

  32. 32. Joe Says:

    Thank you for the translation. I’ll contact you shortly. You can send the file to

  33. 33. Alex Says:

    Hi again,
    Files sent.

  34. 34. Joe Says:

    That will be in the next release. Thanks again.

  35. 35. Joe Says:

    @Gloria, @namaste:
    I wrote a generic moon phases widget that can easily be integrated into any website. Check

  36. 36. estelarius Says:

    Hola Joe como estás? en realidad se poco casi nada de ingles y encima pertenezco al hemosferio sur (Argentina) siempre utilizo las fases lunares porque práctico algo de magia y me son muy necesarias, queria colocar un almanaque en mis blog de Blogspot y Multiply… me agradaria mucho que me enseñaras como, ya bajé el software y estaba tratando de cambiar idioma y colocarle el signo…pero no doy pié con pelota jajaa!!! besos y desde ya muchas gracias. Estela San Juan-Argentina

  37. 37. Milly Says:

    Hey Joe,
    Noticed you have “current planets” as a widget on your site. Will you be making that available as a WP-widget too? I can help with the Dutch translation!

  38. 38. Joe Says:

    My Spanish is not that good so pardon me if I miss something. I’m going to add an option for the southern hemisphere in the coming weeks. That will make the plugin relevant for Argentina. Additionally, I will be adding options to the web widget which works with Blogspot.

    The “current planets” widget is a complete ephemeris that I’m currently working on. I will make that available both as a WordPress plugin and a web widget in the coming week. Right now, I’m working on adding more information to it.

  39. 39. Ben Says:

    Would it be possible to get the template tags for this plugin? I’d like to use it without widgets if possible. Thanks!

  40. 40. Joe Says:

    That will be in the next version :)

  41. 41. Sigfrido Says:

    I have translated it in Italian… if you want i can send you the .po file…

  42. 42. Joe Says:

    Thank you very much for the translation. Please send the file to

  43. 43. travitzki Says:

    Can you, please, create an option to people in south hemisphere? Something like a horizontal mirror…
    Just a sugestion

  44. 44. Alisher Says:

    Good day, I sent you .po file in my language august 21. Did you get it?
    If yes please put it into your plugin package and link to on your site

  45. 45. Kassie Says:

    This website very much helps me with my Moon project.
    thank You!


    -A middleschool Student.

  46. 46. Faruk Gunindi Says:

    Hi. I translated the plugin into Turkish. I’d like to send it to you. is ok, I think.

  47. 47. kc Says:

    i am trying to download to my desktop side bar. the web translaters arnt helping.
    (not intrested in websites right now, just personal desktop. i want the moon phases on my personal my weather widgets.)

  48. 48. kamala Says:

    Thank you 4 all

  49. 49. Nalu Says:

    I can translate to portuguese, if you want… =)

  50. 50. Alma Says:

    Thanks for this!! XOOX

  51. 51. Mike Says:

    Can I remove the border? I found the line of code for the border in the php file but it doesn’t seem to control the border.

    $content = ”;

  52. 52. Ikedi Says:

    I appreciate the plug-in, keep up the good work

  53. 53. Tony Says:

    Hi, please tell me how can i change the text color in the moon-phases plugin to match my wordpress design ?


  54. 54. jerryp49 Says:

    Hello Joe,
    I followed the install directions to add the Moon Phases to my WordPress blog as a widget. However, when I refreshed my page, the border and wording are all there but not the moon picture.

    What did I do wrong?
    From a newbie,

  55. 55. Travitzki Says:

    I translated to portuguese and send to the email. Nice Plugin!

  56. 56. Slava Mikheev Says:

    Belarussian translate from

  57. 57. Jerry Says:

    Is there a way to brighten the moon phase up? At 5 days old, the moon is a bright crescent in the sky while the widget display just barely shows anything.

    I hope it’s fixable as I really like this widget! Thanks.

  58. 58. A.Art Says:

    Hello Joe!

    Thanx a llot for this widget – it is really great! And thanl that U added translation to different languages.

    BUt there is a problem with russian translation – few mistakes! I tried to fix them by myself in .mo file but i cant:(

    If U want i can send U back fixed translation so you can include it to new updated version.

    Best regards,


  59. 59. Soren Says:

    What would be great is if the widget can show what degrees the moon will rise in the horizon from where you are situated. I think you can pull out information of what city you are in (google analytics can) and then calculate where and when the moon will rise in the horizon.
    That would be terrifict


  60. 60. FusionHost Says:

    This seems like a great plugin. One question I have is, does it have a transparent background?

  61. 61. Predrag Says:

    Hi – I’d like to translate it in Serbian.

    thanks for the plugin

  62. 62. Jerry Says:

    Is there a way to brighten the moon phase up?

    At 5 days old, the moon is a bright crescent in the sky while the widget display just barely shows anything.

    I hope it’s fixable as I really like this widget! Thanks.

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