HTML Greek Symbols

This entity reference includes all the greek symbols supported by HTML. You should note that entity names are case sensitive.

StandardCharacterEntity NumberEntity NameDescription
HTML 4.0ΑΑΑGreek capital letter Alpha
HTML 4.0ΒΒΒGreek capital letter Beta
HTML 4.0ΓΓΓGreek capital letter Gamma
HTML 4.0ΔΔΔGreek capital letter Delta
HTML 4.0ΕΕΕGreek capital letter Epsilon
HTML 4.0ΖΖΖGreek capital letter Zeta
HTML 4.0ΗΗΗGreek capital letter Eta
HTML 4.0ΘΘΘGreek capital letter Theta
HTML 4.0ΙΙΙGreek capital letter Iota
HTML 4.0ΚΚΚGreek capital letter Kappa
HTML 4.0ΛΛΛGreek capital letter Lambda
HTML 4.0ΜΜΜGreek capital letter Mu
HTML 4.0ΝΝΝGreek capital letter Nu
HTML 4.0ΞΞΞGreek capital letter Xi
HTML 4.0ΟΟΟGreek capital letter Omicron
HTML 4.0ΠΠΠGreek capital letter Pi
HTML 4.0ΡΡΡGreek capital letter Rho
HTML 4.0ΣΣΣGreek capital letter Sigma
HTML 4.0ΤΤΤGreek capital letter Tau
HTML 4.0ΥΥΥGreek capital letter Upsilon
HTML 4.0ΦΦΦGreek capital letter Phi
HTML 4.0ΧΧΧGreek capital letter Chi
HTML 4.0ΨΨΨGreek capital letter Psi
HTML 4.0ΩΩΩGreek capital letter Omega
HTML 4.0αααGreek small letter alpha
HTML 4.0βββGreek small letter beta
HTML 4.0γγγGreek small letter gamma
HTML 4.0δδδGreek small letter delta
HTML 4.0εεεGreek small letter epsilon
HTML 4.0ζζζGreek small letter zeta
HTML 4.0ηηηGreek small letter eta
HTML 4.0θθθGreek small letter theta
HTML 4.0ιιιGreek small letter iota
HTML 4.0κκκGreek small letter kappa
HTML 4.0λλλGreek small letter lambda
HTML 4.0μμμGreek small letter mu
HTML 4.0νννGreek small letter nu
HTML 4.0ξξξGreek small letter xi
HTML 4.0οοοGreek small letter omicron
HTML 4.0πππGreek small letter pi
HTML 4.0ρρρGreek small letter rho
HTML 4.0ςςςGreek small letter final sigma
HTML 4.0σσσGreek small letter sigma
HTML 4.0τττGreek small letter tau
HTML 4.0υυυGreek small letter upsilon
HTML 4.0φφφGreek small letter phi
HTML 4.0χχχGreek small letter chi
HTML 4.0ψψψGreek small letter psi
HTML 4.0ωωωGreek small letter omega
HTML 4.0ϑϑϑGreek theta symbol
HTML 4.0ϒϒϒGreek Upsilon with hook symbol
HTML 4.0ϖϖϖGreek pi symbol