HTML Math Symbols

This entity reference includes all the mathematical symbols supported by HTML. You should note that entity names are case sensitive.

StandardCharacterEntity NumberEntity NameDescription
HTML 4.0∀∀for all
HTML 4.0∂∂partial differential
HTML 4.0∃&exists;there exists
HTML 4.0∅∅empty set
HTML 4.0∇∇nabla
HTML 4.0∈∈element of
HTML 4.0∉∉not an element of
HTML 4.0∋∋contains as member
HTML 4.0∏∏n-ary product
HTML 4.0∑∑n-ary summation
HTML 4.0−−minus sign
HTML 4.0∗∗asterisk operator
HTML 4.0√√square root
HTML 4.0∝∝proportional to
HTML 4.0∞∞infinity
HTML 4.0∠∠angle
HTML 4.0∧∧logical and
HTML 4.0∨∨logical or
HTML 4.0∩∩intersection
HTML 4.0∪∪union
HTML 4.0∫∫integral
HTML 4.0∴∴therefore
HTML 4.0∼∼tilde operator
HTML 4.0≅≅congruent to
HTML 4.0≈≈almost equal to
HTML 4.0≠≠not equal to
HTML 4.0≡≡identical to
HTML 4.0≤≤less-than or equal to
HTML 4.0≥≥greater-than or equal to
HTML 4.0⊂⊂subset of
HTML 4.0⊃⊃superset of
HTML 4.0⊄⊄not a subset of
HTML 4.0⊆⊆subset of or equal to
HTML 4.0⊇⊇superset of or equal to
HTML 4.0⊕⊕circled plus
HTML 4.0⊗⊗circled times
HTML 4.0⊥⊥up tack
HTML 4.0⋅⋅dot operator