Text to HTML Converter

This tool will convert text to HTML encoded text, including special characters.

1. Enter the text

2. Copy and paste

5 Comments to “Text to HTML Converter”

  1. 1. Affordable Electronics Says:

    Great tool, thanks for making it.

  2. 2. Danwer Says:

    its preety easy and i have just write many things for my sites from this.

  3. 3. PetWellbeing Coupons Says:

    Definitely very useful. I’ve already used it a couple of times :).

    Thanks for creating this!

  4. 4. John Says:

    Wow, this tool catches a lot more errors than w3’s does. Thanks for helping out. =D

  5. 5. Top Gear Streaming Says:

    Works like a charm 😀 thanks

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