Aug 18

I apologize for last week-end server outage. While migrating to new servers, the connection between the website and the database broke down making the site unavailable. Now that the migration has now been completed and the problem has been fixed, Joe’s Web Tools is running on shiny new 64 bits servers. What does that mean to you? Well, we now have additional server capacity that will allow us to put more tools online while keeping up with traffic. Please note that widgets were not affected by the outage.

One Comment to “Apologies for last week-end server outage”

  1. 1. Jerry Says:

    Is the moon phase widget okay? While there seems to be a brightening of the right edge of the moon display, at 4 days we should see a brighter crescent to match what’s in the sky.

    It’s fairly dark on the websites I know that use your widget so it’s across the board.

    Site migrations and databases don’t always play well, do they? 🙂

    Thanks for a great widget, though! It fits well on my site!