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Lao Tzu
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Aug 01

I updated the born on this day WordPress plugin. The new 2.0 version is a major upgrade. I checked compatibility with WordPress 2.8.2, fixed a bug where there was no data for July 24, did some minor localization work, added a new [born-on-this-day] shortcode, upgraded the code to the new WordPress 2.8 widget structure and changed the widget date to use WordPress date format. You just have to put [born-on-this-day] in your posts or pages to have an embedded widget (see below). Get the born on this day WordPress plugin.

Born on this day
June 6, 2020
1599 Diego Velazquez
1799 Alexander Pushkin
1868 Capt. Robert Falcon Scott
1932 Billie Whitelaw
1933 Frank Tyson
1955 Sandra Bernhard
1956 Bjorn Borg
1957 Mike Gatting

2 Comments to “Born on this day WordPress plugin version 2.0”

  1. 1. Anders Says:

    I have just got a blog and use about 50 different plugins. Thank you very much for your plugin. It complete my website

  2. 2. Ken Says:

    Love this plugin! It’s easy to set up and runs cleanly. Thanks!