Aug 02

I updated the no disposable email WordPress plugin. The new 2.4.1 version is a minor update, so you can skip it if the plugin is working fine for you. I added an activity log and did further compatibility improvements with some versions of php. Get the no disposable email WordPress plugin.

One Comment to “No disposable email WordPress plugin version 2.4.1”

  1. 1. Peter Van Eeckhoutte Says:

    I have been using this great plugin over the last couple of months, but I had to disable it after upgrading to the latest versions of WP 2.8.x

    When users try to register using a blocked email address, they get to see a red square box, but there is no message displayed inside the box (so they basically don’t know why the registration failed, which has caused some frustrations)

    How can I troubleshoot/fix this ?