htpasswd Generator

This tool generate encoded passwords for .htpasswd files.

For security purpose, this tool is written in JavaScript. The entire process runs on your computer, inside your browser. The generated passwords do not travel over the Internet and are not known by the server.

1. Enter the username and password

2. Copy and paste into you .htpasswd file
Encoded Password:

4 Comments to “htpasswd Generator”

  1. 1. Justin Says:

    Nice, I’ve been looking for this. Thanks

  2. 2. Affordable Electronics Says:

    Good tool, and I think its good how you’ve made it in Javascript for security.

    Hope to see more tools like this!

  3. 3. Danwer Says:

    wow its just very much usefull for me for my local site and worldwide to make password protected folders
    its very easy to do..

  4. 4. Frank Says:

    Thanks. This will come in very handy; bookmarked.