PHP Obfuscator

This tool allows you to obfuscate your PHP code. Unlike some other solutions, this PHP Obfuscator does not require special server side libraries or server components to work properly. While it is far from foolproof, it does make the source code difficult to read and understand for non-programmers and casual programmers.

1. Enter the code

2. Copy and paste the obfuscated code

9 Comments to “PHP Obfuscator”

  1. 1. Austin Says:

    To translate back to normal PHP, do:

    echo gzinflate(base64_decode($xxxxxx));

    where $xxxxxx is the name of the first variable. Also, you should probably get rid of the last eval() before doing this. 🙂

  2. 2. Joe Says:

    Well, I said that it does make the source code difficult to read and understand for non-programmers and casual programmers. Actually, an easier solution would be to replace the last eval by echo. But don’t tell anyone, that’s a secret 😉

  3. 3. Patrick Reilly Says:

    More cryptic looking version:

    $x=’hVJNS8NAED2n4H+Y0uAkKKmCeKiEilj0INiLJ1tCTDbNYrLZbjaHIv53Z/NlbKseApuZN++9fTtJJSLNCwEyVCULpCoSnrEg4+K9dOxKZedgv4XUub7qmzx24eNkdDKyeALObVSI UodCO3i/uHt5QLfuWhaL0gKwHQIezwDBO8Z206OXj8tg8fxkCp+1gF1GKcsZ+OCUWnFZdKYw1VqiC2PfhwsX5k1hNp0ikA4aBru5EsFpvD87HSVZoV/XIP+7iVRc6EA534xua9H6ofOK DTeuwfMBjZuW3k5UuMmZ0GSlcWcExyyXeucMCTocrjvx4ehxpOGc1NkebdfxVqJk+jel4WW2pQn70Ni2YmpXu6Ks65BP91LuMcbPfN9P16MqSXgAmMf+HwvRRtS/+oBKhjrFNe2ARwvg 0wJcdlEdgMzLK7YJFJNZGDEHJ6vpyjubIE3TdzgwzEIxXSkBPJdZEbPh6xvbXX40QPgv’;


  4. 4. Patrick Reilly Says:

    Better version of earlier post:

    $a=array(‘Z3ppbmZsYXRl’,’c3RycmV2′,’c3RyX3JvdDEz’,’-8F%S938T7V1E8V]D90“\`’,’;)))]5[n$(q$(t$(ynir’,’hVJNS8NAED2n4H+Y0uAkKKmCeKiEilj0INiLJ1tC TDbNYrLZbjaHIv53Z/NlbKseApuZN++9fTtJJSLNCwEyVCULpCoSnrEg4+K9dOxKZedgv4XUub7qmzx24eNkdDKyeALObVSIUodCO3i/uHt5QLfuWhaL0gKwHQIezwDBO8Z206OXj8tg 8fxkCp+1gF1GKcsZ+OCUWnFZdKYw1VqiC2PfhwsX5k1hNp0ikA4aBru5EsFpvD87HSVZoV/XIP+7iVRc6EA534xua9H6ofOKDTeuwfMBjZuW3k5UuMmZ0GSlcWcExyyXeucMCTocrjvx 4ehxpOGc1NkebdfxVqJk+jel4WW2pQn70Ni2YmpXu6Ks65BP91LuMcbPfN9P16MqSXgAmMf+HwvRRtS/+oBKhjrFNe2ARwvg0wJcdlEdgMzLK7YJFJNZGDEHJ6vpyjubIE3TdzgwzEIx XSkBPJdZEbPh6xvbXX40QPgv’);$d=convert_uudecode($a[3]);$g=$d($a[0]);$s=$d($a[1]);$q=$d($a[2]);$r=$s($a[4]);$k=$q($r);eval($k);

  5. 5. ranj Says:

    not working, the generator is creating \ \ !

  6. 6. ranj Says:

    Patrick Reilly: can u paste your php code ?

  7. 7. ranjitdo Says:

    the encrypter is not working . please fix it :S

  8. 8. Sly Says:

    Hi, how would i find this PHP Obfuscator script? I wanted to encrypt but, when ever I do I just get an error page, saying Post Limit exceeded. Thanks.

  9. 9. Sly Says:

    Everytime i do it, I always get

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘”‘, expecting T_STRING in C:\xampp\htdocs\3.php(2) : eval()’d code(1) : eval()’d code on line 1