Fun Facts

Adds a sidebar widget that display interesting, useless, weird and wonderful random fun facts.

Download the plugin here: [download#9#size#nohits]


    To install the plug-in:

  • Unpack the *.zip file and extract the /fun-facts/ folder and the files
  • Using an FTP program, upload the full /fun-facts/ folder to your WordPress plugins directory (Example: /wp-content/plugins)
  • Go to Plugins > Installed and activate the plugin.
    To add the widget:

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets, add the widget to the sidebar of your choice and save.

    To use the shortcode:

  • Simply add [fun-facts] to your posts or your pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I add my own fun facts?

  • There is an easy interface built in the plugin to add your own fun facts. Go to Settings > Fun Facts to do that. Add one fun fact per line without HTML code. HTML encoded characters are OK.

    Is the plugin compatible with versions of WordPress ealier to 2.8?

  • No. Because of the new widget implementation, you need to use WordPress 2.8 or later. If you are using an earlier version of WordPress, you can try using Fun Facts version 1.0 but, really, you should upgrade.

    How can I support this plugin?

  • If you enjoy this plugin and would like to help with the development, please consider donating. Otherwise, spread the word, report bugs and give this plugin a good rating.

    How do I report a bug?

  • If you find any bugs with the plugin or if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment to let me know.

Version history
The current version of the plugin is 2.0
The plugin requires WordPress to be at least version 2.8
The plugin has been tested with wordpress version up to 2.8.2


  • Compatibility check with WordPress 2.8.2
  • New [fun-facts] shortcode
  • New WordPress 2.8 widget structure

  • Initial release
    To do

  • Add localization.
  • Add code to allow the widget to be inserted anywhere in a template or a page.

33 Comments to “Fun Facts”

  1. 1. baron Says:

    Works great, thank you

  2. 2. Pete Says:

    I have added funfacts to my wordpress site
    about two thirds down the side panel (right hand side)
    but it just doesn’t want to display anything.

    Any ideas. Much appreciated.

    Pete B

  3. 3. Joe Says:

    It look like the database query doesn’t return anything. I will contact you by email to help you resolve the problem.

  4. 4. Sandi Says:

    I am having the same problem. I added funfacts but it doesn’t display anything.

  5. 5. Steve Gentry Says:

    I have add fun facts to my wordpress site but it doesnt’ display anything. Any ideas? Thanks

  6. 6. Joe Says:

    I can’t access your website. I will follow up with you by email.

    @Steve Gentry:
    It look like another database problem. I will contact you by email to help you resolve the problem.

  7. 7. Malki Says:

    Hi, i like those little Widgets …
    but on my page, it doesn’t work.
    The Widget appears, but no Facts … ?
    do i have to configure something?

    Thanks for help …

  8. 8. Veiko Says:

    Plugin stopped working in WordPress Version 2.8.3.
    It just doesn’t display any facts. Just disappeared.

    Please fix it.

  9. 9. Terry Says:

    Looks like I am in the same situation as above. Can you help?

  10. 10. Joe Says:

    You shouldn’t have anything to configure. I will contact you by email to help you resolve the problem.

    That may be due to the way you updated WordPress. I will contact you by email to help you resolve the problem.

    I will contact you by email to help you resolve the problem.

  11. 11. Donald Says:

    Is there any way to display the fun facts without having to put it in the sidebar or use [fun-facts]?

  12. 12. Joe Says:

    Not at the moment but I could add that to the plugin. What did you had in mind?

  13. 13. Donald Says:

    Maybe something along the lines of manually inserting a function into the source code that calls the plugin. Wherever the function is placed in the source code would determine where the plugin displays.

  14. 14. Joe Says:

    That’s a good idea. I’ll add that in a future version.

  15. 15. Gary Says:

    Looks like I am in the same boat. Got installed, won’t list any facts. If you got that fix handy to send out again, send it my way too please. 🙂

  16. 16. Chris Says:

    We tried your plugin, but each time we put a fun fact in and click save, the form blanks out and deletes all of our fun facts.

    We are running the lates version of wordpress with the Bluelight theme.

  17. 17. Paul Says:

    add widget but doesnt display anything on the webiste.

  18. 18. Chris Mele Says:

    Hi — I’ve installed the plugin but each time I enter a list of fun facts, and click “save changes” the fun facts all disappear. So I can’t get the fun facts to actually appear anywhere.

  19. 19. Chris Mele Says:

    By the way — I’ll be happy to make a donation, but the plugin has to actually work in our environment first 🙂

  20. 20. Chris Mele Says:

    Please help…:(

  21. 21. Matt Says:

    This little widget is just what I was looking for. I have no idea on how to make this work on my website. Can you email me the code and I can cut and paste it in the website admin. space?

    Thank you,


  22. 22. Steve Says:

    Please please add a manual code that I can just paste into the sidebar. I love the plugin but am running into HELL trying to configure my .css and the plugin to display the title and format the text appropriately.

  23. 23. Joe Says:

    I’ll add the manual code to the todo list 🙂

  24. 24. Web design Reenata Says:

    I can’t download this plugin.

    Error 404 – Not Found
    Sorry, the page that you are looking for does not exist.

  25. 25. Joe Says:

    @Web design Reenata:
    Thank you very much for pointing that out. It’s fixed now.

  26. 26. Raffy Says:

    Love your fun facts plugin, one question though, do you have options of having the link back to your site removed in case external links aren’t allowed?

  27. 27. Thomas Bosscher Says:

    Is there a way in which you can refresh the fun facts widget without refreshing the entire page? This would be a nice feature to have a link “another fact” or something along those lines. Just a thought.

  28. 28. tom Says:

    is it possible to display all facts on a page?

  29. 29. birdwithme Says:

    Hi Joe,

    First off – love the plug-in. Best one out there for random facts. Thanks.

    A couple of questions. How can I eliminate there being a blank space in the random sequencing of the facts? Every so often, when hitting refresh, there is a blank space with no fact. I have deleted all spaces before the first fact and after the last.

    Second, is there a way to get the facts to go in order instead of randomly? There are a few facts that come up a lot more than others.


  30. 30. Cale Bergh Says:

    Hi Joe!

    Nice plugin. There’s a bug, however. Your randomization code finds an ID between 0 and number_of_facts-1. That means that when I have 3 facts, 1/3 of the time it shows no fact (because there is no record with id 0), and my third fact never shows (because the range is 0-2, instead of 1-3).

    Thanks! Good luck!


  31. 31. Robert Says:

    Hi Joe,
    no Fun Facts seen there. When I want to add a Fun Fact it disappears when saving. What’s wrong?

  32. 32. Joe Says:

    Hi, I just customized a few fun facts and now they’re not returning anything at all. Is this a user issue, or have you heard of anyone else having this problem? I replaced the default set with 3 custom lines, all were saved, but the widget shows up blank on the site now.

    Thanks for any help here!


  33. 33. Dori Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Love the plugin and use it on 2 sites (the one above and I have the weird question of the day for you: on the fishing site, I have replaced the Fun Facts with Fishing Quotes and it stays that way for a while but then Fun Facts get added without me knowingly updating the plugin. Is there anyway to stop that from happening so I can just keep the quotes?